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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 10, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> thank you. new information in the case of a kbrair medic murdered in oakland hills last week. quinn boyer shot while driving in his car. abc 7 news learned police recovered a vehicle they say is connected to the investigation into his death. abc 7 news reporter nick smith is live with more. nick? >> good afternoon that. is a story we brought you first on abc 7 news. he told us police have recovered a car they believe may be connected to this death. now, they have been tight lipped about information around that car. and our media partner is reporting police found that car around 3:30 p.m. about three miles from where he was shot. >> 34-year-old quinn boyer shot in the head driving in
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the oakland hills last week. take a look at this view from sky 7 hd. police say someone struck him twice crashing into this ravine. after officers arrived they began canvassing the neighborhood for clues. neighbors told abc 7 news police told them they're looking for a gold dodge intrepid. >> we've recovered a vehicle. >> telling me only the car is evidence and as such, critical to the investigation. >> of course it's frustrating people want answers. >> keeping those details so close to the vest has left those who live in this neighborhood where he was shot concerned. >> everybody is been playing a little bit of csi tring to figure out what happened and how it happened. >> sandy and her neighborhood watch group are on the lookout
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for anything out of place. the shooting death left this normally quiet area of the oakland hills unsettled. police say they need the community to be patient when they can share more, they will. >> our primary zbaigs to the victim and the family. >> the sequoia hills homeowners association is working to not only replant a tree destroyed in the crash but erect a permanent memorial to honor the man they say dedicated his life to helping others. a string of armed robberies has police there asking for the public's help. they're resousing -- releasing surveillance video in hopes someone will recognize two men behind the crime spree. >> you can see two robbery
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suspects walk over to the clerk and one puts a gun to the clerk's back, then, head demanding he open the register. >> customers running out of the door to the emergency exit. >> mike vaughn was on duty that night. the gunman fired a shot into the ceiling vaughn tried to keep everybody calm. >> so emotional. didn't know what to do. they froze up. i told them, i said i'm the manager of the ship. they can't open it. >> the gunman cleaned out registers then left, they hit this home depot, dollar tree and five other store autos we're talking not your convenience store at the corner. we're talking a large store. >> the lieutenant says this individual joe particularly concerning because watch. the suspect will raise the gun and fire a round into the ceiling. police are releasing this video with a reward in hope
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there will be no gun battle. >> someone, maybe a family member or friend that will recognize them will step forward swrek a peaceful outcome we showed the video to customers some said they can recognize the men if they knew him. >> i probably would. >> oh. >> most definitely. >> you think so? >> yes. >> others weren't sure. >> probably not. >> remember these pictures? we aired this video one man was arrested through an a tip. the second man identified. police are looking for him. and police plees tell me they're getting calls asking the police release more of the videos. >> we have an update on a man who appears to be sleeping on top of a bart elevator. the medical examiner
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identified the man as 42-year-old david thomas. authorities skk for help in finding out where he was from. police are looking to figure out how thomas plnaged to get into the elevator shaft and investigator dz find begd material on the car. >> governor brown's trip to china beginning to pay dividends in the bay area tonight. on the first full day, brown struck several historic deals signed an agreement to boost trade and investments in california and also signed a pledge to work with china on environmental issues. brown says the trip is about putting california back to work. >> this is about jobs in california, investment. about harnessing human talent. also brown landed a commitment for improvements to the oakland water front. something ease been trying to
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do since being mayor of oakland. the project is just off jack london scare. wayne freedman is live with reaction. >> brooklyn basin. we're south of jack london square. there it is. that is by the port of oakland. it's the type of project with investors prefer. imagine 200,000 square foot of retail space. the signature group managed to get the project approved but that is before the markets went south. now, the developer has a major commitment from investors to help fund the project. you might wonder why it took foreign money to get this done. jean kwan seemed frustrated with american lenders.
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>> the country needs the housing. and they need the housing and i'm thankful for the chinese investment. >> spoken diplomaticly. beyond this project oakland has a long list from a baseball stadium to an expansion at the airport. they're hoping to break ground next spring and have it finished in maybe six, seven, or eight years. >> wayne, thank you very much. >> still to come here tonight a 12-year-old boy honored for his here yolk yoeics. >> tonight how free market forces may have a bigger impact on gun sales than any
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law in washington could. >> why months later does that venue have all couples upset. i'm michael finney. the story is coming up. >> and move over, martinez you're not the only place where a family of beavers moved in.
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right now supporters of immigration reform are just wrapping up a rally in san francisco.
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they took their message to the federal building with demands for a path to citizenship for all. there is word from the nation's capital a bipartisan group reached an agreement on a broad immigration bill. the "new york times" reports it would require tough border measures be enforced before undocumented immigrants could take steps to become american citizens. demonstrators want huchl rights that includes everyone who is here and is that has plans for the future. that doesn't just put more border patrol agents. >> the reform bill is expected to be ununveiled tomorrow. >> california public utilities commission considering putting breaks on driver who's use personal cars for ride sharing services. cpuc held a work shop with cab and limo drivers as well as representatives from sites like sift and side car. the sites let a customer book
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a ride from people using their personal cars. limo drivers say these services have an unfair advantage. >> they're not paying the fee for the city which is the puc. and we require to do every year, you know for drug tests as well. >> the cpuc could decide to regulate ride sharing services or perhaps they can decide they're not subject to regulations like carpools. >> some young heroes honored today their children helped save lives by dialing 911 in a crisis. he carolyn tileler brings their story. san francisco 911 dispatchers respond to a million calls every year but most are not like this. >> mama, mama. are you okay? are you breathe something just a little bit?
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a little? >> that was 10-year-old paula on the line. she managed to help her mom through a scary situation. today she and the 911 dispatcher were hailed as heroes. >> i knew it would be okay. because 911 always help autos san francisco celebrates these behind the scenes professionals. and selected those for special honors. >> kids call, they answer questions you asked. they want to tell you the whole story. >> kimberly was a voice who helped kiante brown. >> i don't know what happened. this ceiling just collapsed on here are you with your mom now? >> yes. >> the 12-year-old and
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4-month-old were the only ones homes. he says he knew to call 911. >> i would like to thank kim for picking up my call. and yeah, just thank god for my mom being here, today. >> dispatchers say 75% of the calls now come in by cell phone. so it's important to have them charged up, ready to go and teach your kids how to use them. >> plent yes of excitement following discovery of a colony of beavers in. a nature photographerer captured this video. if you look, you can see the mother is expecting. >> this tremendously significant. last recorded beaver were 18535. that is 150 years ago. >> we're hoping that we can go
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and use them to illustrate how healthy our water shed is backing and use this to see whether other spes ease come back. >> this river is deep and beavers haven't built a dam here. experts say the returning beavers is the sichb a healthy eco system boding well for other species in the area, including salmon. >> that is great. it's a great day to get outside. >> talking about healthy eco system. >> yes. >> lovely weather. going to be turning breezy and cooler but still, pleasant weather is ahead. you can see the entrance of some thin, high clouds as well as low clouds. first a look at today's high temperatures we had highs 85 in clover dale. and redwood city, 86 in
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antioch. 87 degrees in gill roi. near san francisco. high of 74. now winds are really picking up, gusty winds around the bay area. 44 miles per hour gusts at sfo. in san jose, 26, 25 in concord so winds picking up around the bay area, we can expect breezy conditions beautiful view of the western sky. temperatures now 61 degrees in san francisco. 68 across the bay in oakland. 74 in san jose. another view from mount tam looking down ocean beach. low clouds developing now just a few. temperatures 83 degrees right now in santa rosa. 74 napa. still quite mild. partly cloudy skies overnight.
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windy conditions returning sunday sunday. pacific satellite image shows in clouds into the area and some cooler air we'll feel tomorrow, but again going to be pleasant day. start agent 7:00 tomorrow, tonight rather will be continuing into tomorrow. and you'll see passage of some thin, high crowds clouds and low clouds as well, bright skies tomorrow so lots of sunshine by 1:00 we'll take a look at conditions mainly sunny skies with clouds around. overnight, mild, partly cloudy skies with lows into low 50s, south bay, look for highs around 70 degrees. pin anyone slarks upper 60s. mid to upper 50s on the coast. downtown san francisco, a high
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of 64 tomorrow up in the north bay, we'll see mid-70s in the north bay valleys, east bay, mainly upper 60s, inland east bay highs into low to mid-70s, here is the accu-weather forecast. mild days ahead throughout saturday. then, sunday cooling down under windy conditions. monday will be the coolest day in the forecast with highs ranging from mid-50s mid-60s. >> that looks great. >> thank you. >> first power ball draw since california entered. >> jackpots may be b
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california legislatures closer to removing nonprofit status from boy scouts of america. new legislation aimed at pressuring scouts to lift it's ban on gay members. >> it bothers me that state of california by giving prefshl-is
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giving. >> the mixing of the two sexual orientations in a concentrated weekend camp and week long camp is just not a good mix. >> any group which does not change policy would be taxed like a corporation. membership due asks other income. the bill passed today and goes another committee for full review. >> people have been snapping up power ball tickets as california enters the pool. players bought $3.1 million worth in 24 hours. tickets cost $2 a piece so the jackpots are bigger they start at $40 million and tonight is $60 million. odds of winning about 175 million to one. that is just slightly higher than the megamillions game.
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jark pots drawn on wednesdays and saturdays at 7:59 p.m. our time. there are no plans to change that. the draw is on tuesday and friday nights. power ball numbers usually drawn in florida but will be drawn in sacramento tonight to welcome california into the game. >> more still to come tonight at 6:00. we'll update a developing story out of atlanta where firefighters were taken hostage today. then, the sound of explosions. >> and there has been a impact on gun sales. >> a renowned ballet dancer
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update now on developing news we've been following all evening. four georgia firefighters held hostage by a gunman this afternoon are safe. their captor, dead after a
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s.w.a.t. team swarmed the barricaded house and shot the hostage taker in the head. one officer was shot in the hand but is expected to be okay. this unfolded in a town of suwanee 30 miles northeast of downtown atlanta. the fire chief says the gunman called and faked a heart attack to get rescuers inside of the home. >> people in public safety prepare for and hope never comes but tonight it d our personnel were okay. we're thankful for that. >> the gunman held five firefighters against their will but one was released a few hours into the ordeal. >> there is a bipartisan break through point gun debate tonight. it would require states to send records on criminals and mentally ill people to the criminal background check system. checks could be expanded to
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include gun shows and online sales and create a commission to studio the cause of the violence. democratic senator spent the day negotiating. he says it will sif lives without americans losing rights. >> we're protecting the rights same was we're try trog prevent law breakers of having a gun. >> nra responded by saying the struj is that no background check would have prevented the straj diin newtown or tucson -- tucson. a guy stole a gun from his mother. kill herd to get guns none of these thin woz have changed that. >> if passed it would not require background checks but california does require that. we have one of the strictest gun laws in the nation.
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>> since the school shooting in gutown, gun control has been debated extensively. some debate and others have been buying up guns and ammunition. >> i have a quick demonstration here for you. if you want to buy one and walked into this store you can't get it. it's several weeks on back order. ammunition is now about 30% more expensive than it was about six months ago. farhan stopped in just a few minute asks and surprised to see price autos i don't own any guns where we have assault weapons. it's a regular shotgun.
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>> keeping the shelves stocked has become a six day per week effort. >> they're calling saying do you have something in stock? you're calling in favors and saying what do you have? >> you'll see ammunition is in short supply throughout the bay area and country. stores started limiting sales. >> this is what a brick of ammunition looks like this, is how we're having to sell it so we can be fair. >> some glocs on back order. and same for ar 15-type rifles. >> this one just arrived. sales skyrocketed since december, buyers concerned legislatures will outlaw
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weapons. >> when prices go up, fewer people will buy guns. >> there repains -- remains a pretty good demand. there is more ammunition that is still available. including a 22 caliber round that have now doubled in price. if you want to find it online, good luck, lots of stores online are also sold out. >> thank you. >> tonight running of bulls on wall street. dow jones closed after a sharp increase of 128 points. internet stocks did well today thanks to a sign businesses are spending more on upgrades. a trade group reported a drop m sales last quarter the sharpest decline in almost 20
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years, tesla motors campaigning to change the flaw texas where direct sales are not allowed in the auto industry. >> despite big money problems at the post office looks like you'll be getting your mail on saturdays for a whi. the u.s. postal service today said it's abandoning a plan to end saturday deliveries. the post office lost nearly 16seds billion last year announcing it could wo cut back deliveries to five days per week only starting in august but congress since passed a bill prohibiting usps from cutting back on service. the mail on saturday is safe for now. >> 7 on your side is next. coming up, the dream weddings of some couple autos why
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two bay area couples have wedding memories but there were wrinkles following their special day. >> they had michael finney to turn to for help. >> these couples will have a
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wedding memory to that will last a lifetime. now, they're going to just see how they're going to make things better. >> britney and greg celebrated at thomas estates in august. their wedding went so well, voted best wedding on the show four weddings. >> it was beautiful, perfect. what i would ever imagine. >> david and elaine captain got married at thomas estates in july. >> it was magical. everything we had planned kind of came through. >> but something they didn't have planned happened months later. the refunds promised from the security deposits both couples put down kept getting delayed. >> after back and forth with the pro pry ter she told us she's sengd our money back. the event ended we lost
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communication was her. >> we just, nobody would answer use followed up again, just it was silence. >> frustration began to set in. no one knew what to think. owner who's had been helpful during the wedding seemingly disappeared. >> we paid for everything and you know we were married and happily married except for this one thing. it was $1,000. >> then, they heard thomas estates had been put up for sale. they knew they needed to do something. >> we called 7 on your side and found out we weren't the only people involved there were other brides and families involved. >> the owner joanie thomas got back to 7 on your side when reaching out to her, she blamed it on personal family issues. i dropped the ball. there was no scamming in any way. boy never take anyone's
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deposit and not give it back. at least one contracts did not specify when the deposits had to be concerned -- returned but each couples has now received their deposits back. greens are ready to turn the page and she's six months pregnant. >> i'm glad it was stressful having the baby on the way. just wanted to close that chapter and now, we're starting a new one. >> the couples say they wish the venue owner the best. tlc's four weddings can be seen on friday nights. >> last thing you want after you just got married. >> tonight marin ballet celebrates 50 years on local stage. >> and plans for a
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if you use a san mateo bridge you can expect delays. starting friday night the far left lane of the westbound approach to the toll plaza will be closed. it's part of a project to
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install a new toll collection system. that work should wrap up by 5:00 a.m. monday but following weekend weekday travelers will be impacted by one toll lane closure each day. >> parrin ballet celebrating 50 years of service this year bringing back some alumni for a reunion. one pefsh former is now a major artist with boston ballet came from humble beginnings here in the bay area. >> dancer john lamb is coming home to dance. >> it's been a part of my life and career and i think it's great to come back and celebrate. >> the current director was
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artistic director at marin ballet yearsing acrow. the ballet provided this interview and john's interview. >> when john saw tremendous potential. >> john didn't have the same advantages. >> parents are refugees from vietnam. >> his family lived in a low income canal district and he was in a community day care program. his parents worked to support three kids. >> takes a village to do this. >> marin ballet co-founder brought up the idea of scholarships after seeing a dance program in new york working with inner city kids. >> we got scholarships and our idea was all we had to do was put it out there. hey, everybody, we have scholarships come and get them. >> phyllis learned it took someone to find the children and present offers to them.
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that person is felicia gaston. >> i had scholarships and i went to the child care center saying who wants to take ballet? john was the only boy of eight girls, i do, i do. >> only reason i was able to go to marin ballet is because of performing stars in marin. >> it acts as a bridge to low income kids so they can have access to activities like the marin ballet. >> knowing community, parents, children, having their trust. >> they were very huge influence and making sure i had ballet shoes uniform, transportation. performing stars got him insolved we moved him off to the national ballet of ka in a da. he completed training and went on to a professional career. >> the executive direct jerz the school is so proud john lamb will reunite with other
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alumni, inspiring other young dance students at the 50th anniversary celebration. >> it's like family to me. i am honored to be invited back. and show them this is what happens with a child come that come frtz canal district. >> what a story. performing stars is honoring john lam friday and the ballet's 50th anniversary celebration takes place on saturday at college of marin. you'll find links at abc 7 >> that is awesome. >> people are hoping the weather sticks around. >> won't that be lovely? >> we're looking at live doppler 7 hd. it's become breezy to gusty around much of the bay area gusts up to 44 miles per hour at sfo and over 20 miles per hour in other locations. tomorrow, mainly sunny skies
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and high temperatures on the mild side tomorrow but not exactly warm. here is a look at projected highs inland. low to mid-70s today, upper 60s around the bai. mild weather continues throughout saturday and becomes windy, cooler sunld, and monday more clouds and sh sure to follow us on twitter rain or shine you can get tweets, forecasts and spare the air alerts weather information you need to know from your favorite weather team and ours as well. >> thank you. >> new face here at the penguin colony this, 2-month-old male evening penguin made his debut today. and had been living with his parents to give the family a
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chance to bond. >> what a cutie. the pengiuns are an endangered species. ask he's a confident swimmer. >> looks like he's fitting in. >> yes. >> let's turn our attention to sports now. >> we should name him zito. >> i like that. >> or zeets. >> i like that. >> in hon yofr barry zito. carl hubble, 77 years ago. sports is co
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good evening, babe zito strikes again tossed seven scoreless innings. giants won the last 16 starts.
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the feat last accomplished by carl hubble one of spencer's old classmates. you can see his teammate hanging. he hasn't aloud a single run in 14 innings this season and the first strikes out troy tulowitski who did not lick the call. that is a triple tall yoo. giants winning in the second. almost exact same play this, one is to the warning track and into the stands. posey and hunter pens, 7-0, giants. a flare to left, zito with a standing ovation from fans,
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giants shut out colorado, 10-0. and giants sweep rocky autos great fans can be so fired up out there. and this is something the city gets behind. it's great to see the way the fans support the giants. >> remarkable. >> 77th masters will begin tomorrow. one tradition is annual par 3 contest anything goes. look behind rory mcoel roy. his caddy and around yould waumer, player can still play. chipping in. they put the pin in the spot
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every year so we might see magic like this. back and in and take a look at reaction. no par 3 winner ever won the masters. i never have seen arnie do a chest bump with anyone. no champagne. warriors know this is just the beginning. more work to be done. four games left. currently holding a lead against houston. jackson shed tears of joy last night. curry says this squad just getting started. >> not too many people expect us to be in this position. now, i can guess nobody else will give us a shot and our
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goal is to be aggressive. and take it from there. >> and now replacing ray lewis is row lando maclaine? maybe. he had issues with the silver and black they feel this is worth a gamble, we shall see. >> golf highlights are fun. >> that is fun. >> neat tradition there. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up, shocker on part. a stun gun and a fight. a woman to the rescue. >> a brand new barbie. why this zol drawing a lot of criticism. >> and that is it for this
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edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here have a terrific evening.
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